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It All Rises and Falls on Leadership.

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There was a clear need for training individual organizations and equipping leaders to grow on a consistence basis. They learned that becoming the best version of yourself, above all, requires commitment.

It All Rises and Falls on Leadership

In building successful businesses, Bill Eickhoff and Chet Tart realized that success comes from great leadership.

Their paths first crossed when they were part of building the Impact Leadership Network. The goal of ILN was to bring successful insights to the business community from world-class leaders who have achieved success. After observing and documenting the mindset and behavior patterns of successful leaders, they discovered that great leaders think and behave differently because they all have a system.

The Intention-Influence Vision

Bill and Chet saw a vision for a leadership playbook to help organizations build great leaders, improved culture, and produce better behaviors to generate better results.

Frank Ambrose also attended ILN events, and there met Bill, where they discussed Frank’s background of team leadership in high-level athletic organizations. From the collaboration between Bill, Chet, and Frank, the concept of a leadership development platform was born.

Intentional-Influence is designed to bring value to organizations by growing their leaders through several components: self-awareness, equipping others to be the best version of themselves, and a drive to help organizations achieve their goals.

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