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Using a cutting-edge approach of experiential learning, each session is reflective of your organization and the obstacles you are striving to overcome. With open discussions, group activities, and problem-solving for organization-specific issues, no two bootcamps are ever the same.


The biggest impact in a short amount of time for a large portion of your team.

The mission of an Intentional-Influence Bootcamp is to align vision, values, culture, and behaviors to produce results for your organization. Through focused organizational and individual values, you and your team will be provided with tools intended to empower all with decision-making skills based on the organization you envision.

Bootcamp Principles

Our Bootcamps are based on the following principles:

Spaced Repetition

To reinforce and implement concepts, tools, and ideas over time.

Weekly Focus Points

To be studied, reviewed, and put into practice each week.

A Framework Curriculum

Covering several modules over eight hours total. We recommend one session per week for eight weeks.

Your Bootcamp can be configured (materials and meeting sessions) to best incorporate the elements you believe to be the greatest need in your organization. Meeting with you to learn more about your areas of concern, and what outcomes you hope to achieve, are critical in creating a Bootcamp that works for you.

Bootcamp CurriculuM

Our comprehensive bootcamps cover the necessary elements to exemplary leadership. Our core curriculum includes lessons regarding:

  • Leadership Development
  • Values Alignment
  • Culture Development & Change
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Communicating Corrective Feedback
  • Accountability

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