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The concepts that he applied in his dental practice are universal principles that work in any organization or business, and he continues to share them here at Intentional-Influence.

Dr. Bill Eickhoff

Dr. William Eickhoff, or Dr. Bill for short, is an accomplished cosmetic dentist in North Palm Beach, FL. He graduated from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry.

Because he is a fee-for-service dentist, not an insurance dentist, he had to learn and practice the art of customer service early on in his career. That love of customer service led him to a thirst for understanding human behavior: why people do what they do.

Building and leading his team became a learning laboratory, allowing him to journey on a quest for knowledge and understanding that led him to one simple conclusion—everything rises and falls on leadership.

Dr. Bill Eickhoff offers insight on "Minute with Maxwell".

Dr. Bill joins John Maxwell on Minute with Maxwell, a daily coaching leadership series.

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