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We will provide you with the guidance you need to move your organization towards your envisioned goals. We want to build off what you already have and maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Custom Program Packages

Every organization is different. Even within the same market, organizations are unique in their origins, employees, culture and vision. While each of our programs are exceptional as stand-alone offerings, you deserve a program uniquely tailored to your organization.

Customize Your Experience

Let us know what has your interest, what your present challenges are, and what you believe would best meet your needs. We want to learn more about the aspirations you have for your team so that we can help customize a program package that’s right for you.

Our Programs

The Intentional-Influence team is dedicated to achieving lasting results, one leader at a time. Let’s work together to develop your team’s full potential in leadership through our programs in:

Executive Coaching

Increase your performance through intensive individualized and group sessions.


Utilize spaced repetition, weekly focus points, and a customizable framework curriculum in learning how to achieve your business goals.


Work in small groups through scenarios, worksheets, and organization-specific topics to dive deeper into lessons presented in our Bootcamps.

Ready to Develop Your Leadership Potential?

Our Workshops deliver insights into the power of increased self-awareness, as well as potential issues that may arise with different methods to address them. If you would like to learn more about how you can develop your leadership potential through our custom program packages, contact us today!

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